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Nov 8

Display Manuals

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Despite the smartphone application's display capabilities (functional with the new ECU), a display assures information will always be at your fingertips. The Nireeka can use a black and white or color display.




750C-display (1)pdf


Recently a slightly revised color display has been shipping, the ND-32.



Nireeka-display-nd-32 (3)pdf


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  • I need the parameter settings for the ND-32 display, connected to the Bafang 500w motor. Specifically: SYSTEM SETTINGS Unit System Power System Power indicate Auto Assist Drive Mode ADVANCED SETTINGS Speed limit Current limit Assist levels Poles in motor Throttle PWM Assist poles Start mode I have tried both 10 and 16 for the number of poles and find neither is correct. Having difficulty finding working combination. Thanks in advance,
  • The Nireeka Homie has an X-Fusion 02 R rear shock. The red adjustment dial controls the amount of damping for the rebound portion of the shock's travel. Adjusting the "sag" is accomplished by adjusting the the air pressure, this requires a shock pump.
  • Color display (750C) Errors table