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Nov 7

Replacement motor controller


Hi Max/Younes,


In the other forum, Nireeka advised that all issues associated with the existing motor controller has been solved.


As I've got the existing motor controller and experiencing issues with the PAS (where all levels react the same) - would like to know when I can get the replacement motor controller so that the PAS can function as advertised?



Hi Stephen,


Unfortunately, you need to wait for the ECU. We have some features in the ECU which moderates the controller behaviors.

Does the new motor controller have the safety feature of a break cut-off switch input? I.e. power to the motor is cut-off when the the hydraulic brakes are pulled on the handle bar?


Stephen, the recent motor controller already has an input line for the brake switch(es) which you can use! I do agree with you that this is an important safety feature for street commuting as well as a necessary feature for mountainbiking. When you stop at a steep slope you will need to adjust the pedals if you want to continue climbing. You are turning then the pedals into the correct position. Without this switch the motor can start working by doing this and the bike makes a big jump froward even though you are not sitting/standing on it already

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